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M.S. One (Maximum Security:One)

These are the preliminary 3D designs for the main location of the movie. Designers wanted the appearance of this space craft to be ominous and menacing as this craft housed the most dangerous vile prisoners on Earth. Therefore the final designs have a jagged, claw like appearance of this huge station that orbits the planet.

Originally parts of this craft was to appear to be under construction, showing the need to extend the size of the correctional facility and the increase of Earth’s crimial count.

M.S. One – Docking Bay

The following are designs for the primary access point to M.S. One for vistors, staff and VIP’s. Designs required a large, welcoming rotunda for passengers alighting from shuttle space craft after which they must pass through a security check.

Low Orbit Police Department

This is a separate station to the M.S. One in charge of policing the traffic to and from the prison and protecting the airspace surrounding it.

 Collection of miscellaneous 3D prop designs made for the film.

Test animation of how the hatch at the access point to M.S.One space craft would work, showing the safety mechanism needed to equalise pressurisation that also has an interesting, visually appealing motion.

Prisoner “defrosting” proposal.

This is the mechanical arm of the air based vehicle called the Scorpion. This was made to show the mechanics of the hydraulic system of the arm.

Here we see the mechanical arms in action where the four turbines lift the vehicle off the ground. Through controls in the cockpit the pilot can adjust the pitch and roll when in flight. The Scorpion is primarily an urban based craft that is specially designed for mobility in tight, restricted areas.

This film is based in a distopian, technologically advanced world. Some designs were made showing this such as an automated, self driving taxi with a large gyroscopic  wheel that reduces energy consumption.

LOCKOUT Trailer Official 2012 [HD] – Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace

LOCKOUT – Featurette “Behind The Scenes”


Terrific work dude and many thanks.

James Mather

Co-Director, Lockout

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