Low Poly Game Art

A collection of low poly 3D models that were made for experimental reasons to test procedures and time.

The rendered style in galleries below pertains to orthographic projections meaning that the final result has a flat look with little or no perspective. Many game developers use this method of visual style and it is primarily used in RTS (Real Time Strategy) and RPG (Role Playing Game) genre of games. Developers in this case would use still or animated image sequences rather than the 3D object itself using alpha based sequences called sprite sheets. Alternatively low poly models can be used to their full potential in 3D games. The process of making 3D game models is standard practice in game development as minimal polygonal faces are required for game performance. A range of maps such as normal and light maps are then used to adjust levels of detail.  

  • Animated
  • Still
Here are some links to some animated GIFs of 3D props and characters.

Here are further static images of other 3D low poly props that were made along with some statistical information on them

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