Graduate 3D short film completed in final year of the BA in Animation, in the Institute of Art, Design and Tech. Dún Laoghaire.


It tells the tale of a lone farmer who is loosing his crops due to flocks of crows and is about to give up all hope until help arrives from the most unlikely place


Won the Irish rounds of the RTS Student Award in 2009
Nominated in the New Irish Shorts: Animation in the Galway Film Fleadh



  • PreProduction
  • Production
  • Interact

The following are links to some of the pre-production work made in the early development stages of the animated short. They are documents outlining the original pitch for the short film, story board sheets and the animatic. Theses were a necessary component of the degree course in animation where every student was graded on the quality of research and development of the 3D short film. It was a very beneficial area of development as it gives the student some experience into industry standards of pre production.

The following are some examples of work made in the early to middle stages of development. They include 3D clay models, 2D drawn designs, colour work and early 3D renders. 2D drawings and clay models were essential to the 3D modelling of characters, props and sets that act as a visual aid in the 3D application (3D Studio Max)

At the end of production it was decided that a reel should be made highlighting as much of the process of making a 3D short film as possible. There were many assets created during production so it meant going through every possible design or test footage and compiling it into a single video. This process was optional but the benefits of creating a making-of was evident for employment opportunities. The idea of creating one of these demonstrations was heavily inspired by the Gobelin’s Oktapodi making of videos. The folllowing making of video highlights further 2D, 3D and  composition work for Pest.

Feel free to have a look at some of the models from the animation. Please forgive any issues found in modelling as this was a reasonably novice first attempt. I hope to upload more characters and props here in the near future.

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