3minDemo is a series of 3 minute long video demonstrations that is done on a mini-project level. Each video is broken down into bite size parts that focus on one particular area of the process that will contribute to the overall project







Learn to build from scratch an auto-rig for a dynamic tentacle rig

The following is part of a series of mini tutorials that details how to build a custom tentacle rig using python script in Maya. These videos are accompanied with the actual .PY scripts that will be used at the conclusion of the tutorial that will be compiled into a tentacle auto-rig tool.

Maya - Python - Tentacle Auto-Rig



Create a UI for your Maya tools using Python and Qt Designer

Takes the scripted tools created from previous tutorials and applies them to a user-friendly user interface (UI) within Maya using the Qt Designer toolsets
Coming soon…

Maya - Python - Build UI for Maya







Setting up a dynamic rig system

Max - Maxscript - Dynamic Rig System



This is a technical demonstration of the dynamic system rig –¬†there is also a link to the actual Dynamic Rig maxscript¬†and on the BBF website .

Dynamics, in 3D animation, refers to a rigged system that moves secondary to a main object and usually does so automatically, where the animator can control certain characteristics to their liking. Real life representatives of this would be how the tail of a dog sways with its movement or how the feather of a quill dances as an author writes. Aspects of movement the animator would control in 3D would be things like how much the dynamic should sway and how rigid it would appear.


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